domingo, 15 de abril de 2018

Meet the winners of the 2nd EducaInternet Competition!!

Meet the winners of the 
2nd EducaInternet Competition!!

EducaInternet is a platform created so that teachers can train themselves in the safe and responsible use of technology. It is a place to create and share with the rest of the community your resources and teaching materials. The end goal is that the educators can share good practices regarding the correct and safe use of ICT with their pupils.

This year 2 of our 4th ESO students have been awarded with awesome prizes. 4th ESO C won the second prize of the jury whereas 4th ESO B was voted the most.Both classes will receive a technological workshop, which is valued in 1500 euros, as well as a training course for Santa Ana’s teachers and parents.

This project has been a great opportunity to help out students in the development of the investigation and creation of useful tools which aim at erasing digital problems such as: extortion and grooming.

Internet safety is an aspect that, as educators, we must keep in mind at all times. Concepts like Techno-addictionDigital identityGroomingNetiquette and Licenses are fundamentals in this field. 

At EducaInternet we have the collaboration of the leading companies and organisations on Cybersecurity, who have endorsed us as a reference centre and the heart of the community concerned with Internet safety

Well done dear students and congratulations for the huge support received from your English teachers: Salut, Maria and Georgiana.

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